Religious Lives:

Catholic Culture in the Early Modern World

Friday 18–Saturday 19 May 2012

St Edmund Hall and Queen’s College Chapel, Oxford

Friday 18 May

9.30-10.00:      Welcome and Coffee

10:00-11:00:    Keynote: Dr Cordula van Wyhe, University of York: ‘The Topography of the Kitchen: Medicine and Spirituality in the Diaries of Sister Margaret of the Mother of God (Brussels, 1635-1637)’

Introduced by Dr Nicky Hallett, University of Sheffield

11.00-11.20:    Coffee

11.20-12.40:   Panel 1

Dr Nicky Hallett, University of Sheffield: ‘“I know not to what I should compare them”: Dis-Ordered Identification in the Life-Writing of Early Modern Nuns’

Victoria Van Hyning, University of Sheffield: Catherine Holland’s ‘How I came to Change my religion’: F/father Figures and Augustinian Mapping’

Dr Elizabeth Ferguson, History Faculty, Oxford: ‘Veneration, Translation and Reform: The Life of Catherine of Siena and the English Catholic Community’

 Chair: Julie Finnerty, Maynooth and Université de Paris 4-Sorbonne

12.40-1.40:      Lunch

1.40—3.00 : Panel 2

Dr Jan Machielsen, Balliol College, Oxford: ‘Jesuit Hagiography and the Problem of Obedience: The Vita of Martin Delrio (1609)’

Dr Philip Endean, Campion Hall, Oxford: ‘Mary Ward and the Jesuit Foundation Mythology’

Dr Katherine Hill, Oriel College, Oxford: Geography as Biography in the Later Lutheran Culture, c. 1550–1600

Chair: Dr Clare Copeland, Oxford

3.00-3.20         Coffee

3.20-4.20: Panel 3

Dr Lucy Underwood, Magdalene College, Cambridge:  ‘“The fatherland labouring under heresy”: Biography, Autobiography and Patriotism among Post-Reformation English Catholics’

 Josh Rodda, University of Nottingham:  ‘“The Condition and State of a Scholler”: Disputation in William Alabaster’s Conversion Narrative’

 Chair: Victoria Van Hyning, Sheffield

4.30-6.30:        Break

6.30-8.00:        Holy Feasting (drinks and refreshments)

8.30:                Oratorio at Queen’s College Chapel: Santa Maria Maddalena de’ Pazzi. Performed by Oxford Baroque and introduced by Jeremy Summerly.

Saturday 19 May

9.00-9.30:        Coffee

9.30-10.50: Panel 4

Dr Owen Rees: The Diary of Arthur Bell: An English Franciscan in Toledo and Lisbon, 1633

Dr Clare Copeland: ‘Whose Saint is this Anyway? Maria Maddalena de’ Pazzi and the Carmelite Order’

Fabien Montcher, CCHS-CSIC, Madrid: ‘The Search for Holy Kings in the Iberian Empire of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries’

 Chair: Dr Jan Machielsen, Oxford

1050-11.20:     Coffee

11.20-12.40: Panel 5

Chiara Mainardi, University of Turin: ‘Religious Lives in Seventeenth-Century France through the Lens of Chauvigny de La Bretonnière’

Prof. Petr Osolsobe, Masaryk University, Brno: ‘Edmund Campion’s Bohemian Life’

Andrew Drenas, St Edmund Hall, Oxford: ‘Lorenzo da Brindisi and the Commentariolum: A Capuchin’s Reflections on Missions in the Holy Roman Empire’

Chair: Dr Philip Endean, Oxford


12.40-1.40:      Lunch

1.45-2.45:       Panel 6

Andrew Cichy, Merton College, Oxford: ‘Life and Identity: Music in the English Convents during the Seventeenth Century’

Hannah Leah Crummé, King’s College London and University College London:  ‘Jane Dormer and Secretarial Biography’

Chair: Dr Owen Rees, Oxford

2.45-3.00:        Coffee

3.00-4.00:        Final Session

Professor David Wallace, University of Pennsylvania: Reflections, roundtable, wrap up.

Introduced by: Victoria Van Hyning, Sheffield

4.00:                  Pub drinks