Call for Papers



We would particularly like to encourage papers from graduates and early career scholars in the areas of art history and music and/or focusing on Asia or the new world. Papers addressing British, Irish or Continental subjects and/or from the disciplines of history, literature, and theology are also most welcome. Please email proposals of no more than 300 words to by 10 April 2012. A number of graduate bursaries are available to fund graduate speakers thanks to the generosity of the Society for Renaissance Studies.

  •  What, if anything, was distinctive to the genres of biography and auto-biography in the post-Reformation period?
  •  How hagiographical were representations of religious lives?
  •  How collaborative was the process of constructing a life?
  • To what extent were auto/biographical lives imitative of lives in the same media or other media?
  •  In what ways were accounts of lives put to polemical uses?
  •  How were the identities of religious orders and their members expressed in or influenced by accounts of exemplary lives?
  •  How were life stories transmitted across national lines and how were they read/consumed/witnessed within different contexts?